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A long climb up

May–August 2006

Sadie came home from the hospital weak, thin, on IV fluids, and still vomiting. Fortunately she quickly recovered enough to stop the IV fluids, and her vomiting soon subsided. She started to feel a little bit normal again, especially as her right side started to regain minimal functionality with the help of her physical and occupational therapists.

The first post-treatment MRI

June 27, 2006

Sadie’s first post-treatment MRI on June 27 showed considerable shrinkage in the top right tumor; the tumor in the left hemisphere was holding its own. We’d hoped for a dramatic reduction in both, but were glad just to see there’d been no growth.

Biding time

July–August 2006

Sadie’s second round of treatment according to the PNET protocol should have started in mid-June, but her body hadn’t recovered enough to do so. It took a long time for her platelet counts to get back up to a treatment-acceptable level.

By the time Sadie was able to start the second phase of treatment, her tumor was on the move again.

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